What we do

traded goods

LPG: different grade of LPG for automotive industry or for heating purpose from different sources

Purified LPG: pure hydrocarbons for aerosols production

LNG: for automotive or power generation

BIO LNG and BIO LPG: for green and sustainable business

Other petrochemicals: we have access to many other petrochemical products involved into chemical industry like Propylene, Ethylene, Sulphur, Pentanes, DME, LVN and many other upon customer request

Customer Focus

The Company, thanks to good and established Commercial Relationships with the main Players of the Industry, is able to offer goods delivered FOB, CIF, DES or DAP Mediterranean Ports, Northern Sea Ports, and Black Sea Ports and FCA in some European refineries and CPT, DAP, DAF in many European Countries.

Our Business is based on building long term Relationships with our Partners which has permitted the growth of the Company during these years. Our Customers are the focus of our entrepreneurial activities; we continuously dedicate ourselves to improve our Network in order to maintain and increase our competitive position.

The success of the Company is based on the Management knowledge acquired during our long years of activity. Today we are deeply involved in the Italian Retail Market and in West Mediterranean, where we are the main references for all LPG Trading Activities.

Cash Management and Trade Finance

Today Financial Issues are crucial and, for a reliable Partner, precision in Cash Operation is fundamental in order to work safely.

For this reason, the Policy concerning Cash Management and Trade Finance Business is one of the most important pillars for Profil B Management; thus, our main Bank Partner is UBS SA that is recognized as Leader in Switzerland and top ranking worldwide concerning Cash Management Operations.

Our key points

To built and maintain relationships, key points of our Company are:

Secure Payment through different Trade Finance Instrument such as Bank Guarantee, Standby Letter of Credit, etc.

Cash Management