Profil B in brief

Profil B SA is a Swiss Company created in 1971 that trades in Petrochemical Products for more than 30 years. The Core Business is LPG (Liquefield Petroleum Gas). Is a Private Trading Company involved in Heating, Chemical and Automotive Supply Chain. The Headquarter is in Chiasso, Switzerland.

Performance and Market

Quantity Turnover

The Company has established a strong base of Quantity Turnover

In the last years, Yearly Total Metric Tons traded have increased, thanks to constant knowledge upgrade, experience as well as efficient Searching Processes

International presence

Our most important market is West Mediterranean, where we deliver by vessels, rails and trucks

However, we have a strong position in many European Countries and we are developing also in East part of the Continent

Our Goals for the Future

Maintain our strong position achieved both geographically and on the product side

Keep looking at any new possibility that could allow to continue the growth of our Company, always bearing in mind that our key strength is our familiarity and the long term relationships that keep being our main driver when searching for new source of goods

Be attentive to new source discovered with technology innovation that could affectlong term perspectives and also remain updated on new Regulations that could affect the European Automotive Sector to better plan sourcing strategies for our Customers

Take into consideration new growing BIO LNG and BIO LPG business that should be drivers for small and medium Customers strategies